Introducing IAM and multi-tenant support

Today we are excited to introduce IAM and multi-tenant support for the Mailhardener suite.

With multi-tenant support it is now possible for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Enterprise customers to facilitate fine-grained access control to domains managed in a Mailhardener account.

Using IAM, team members can be restricted to a subset of functionality and resources (domains).

User roles

There are now 3 roles to choose from when creating a team member

Account administrator

The account administrator has the highest privileges within a Mailhardener account. It has full read and write access to all domains and their features. The account administrator can manage the Mailhardener account and billing details. Account administrators can add and remove team members from the account.

Domain administrator

The domain administrator can manage domains, but not the Mailhardener account (such as billing details). A domain administrator can view DMARC & SMTP TLS reports, domain properties and domain statistics, and can also administrate managed services of the domains such as MTA-STS policy and BIMI assets. A domain administrator can optionally be limited to a subset of domains managed in the Mailhardener account.


A viewer gets read-only rights to domain information (DMARC & SMTP TLS reports, domain properties, domain statistics). A viewer can optionally be limited to a subset of domains managed in the Mailhardener account.

screenshot showing the 'add team member' modal with user roles
It is now possible to select a role for a new team member

Access Management

For team members with the 'domain administrator' or 'viewer' role, it is now possible to limit the team member to a subset of domains that are managed by the account. This allows large organizations and/or MSPs to offer Mailhardener

screenshot showing the 'select domain access' modal for a team member
Team members can be restricted to a subset of domains

Multi-team access

With multi-team access it is now possible to use a single user account to become a member at multiple Mailhardener teams.

screenshot showing team selector for multi-team access
Seamlessly switch between teams


Multi-tenant/IAM is available immediately for all paid Mailhardener tiers.


Multi-tenant and IAM support was a much requested feature, which we believe brings better value to our customers. This new set of features paves the way for further integration of access management, such as OpenID, OpenAuth, SAML and Active Directory Federation Services.

With Mailhardener you manage and monitor all email hardening aspects of a domain. Mailhardener is free to evaluate for a single domain.
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