All email security aspects in one overview

The Mailhardener email hardening suite gives you a full overview of the email security status your domain.

It requires no software to be installed, and you keep your existing email provider. We act merely as a reporting beacon, we cannot see any content of the emails.

Screenshot of the Mailhardener domain overview page
The domain overview shows you the security status of your domain.

DMARC reporting

The email monitoring feature gives insight into all emails being send using your domain name in the sender address.

This includes the email send from your email server, and third parties such as your marketing platform, billing system and reporting tools, but also unauthorised senders such as spammers or fraudsters.

The unique Mailhardener self-learning algorithm if the first to accurately distinguish forwarding email services from malicious senders, which greatly reduces false positives.

Screenshot of the mailhardener email monitoring feature
DMARC reports show you every email sender using your domain name.

SMTP TLS reporting

Mailhardener is one of the first to offer fully featured SMTP TLS reporting using the SMTP TLS reporting standard.

This will give insight in TLS failures encountered by email servers attempting to deliver email to your domain.

Mailhardener will aggregate, enrich and analyse SMTP TLS reports and automatically warn you about any problems that are reported by email senders.

Screenshot of the Mailhardener TLS reporting feature
The TLS report breakdown explains the report details in plain English.

DNS change monitoring

Reports show that many high impact fraud cases were possible due to unauthorised changes made to a domains settings (DNS).

Mailhardener will monitor all email related DNS features, and notify you when a change is detected.

The notification will also give you a breakdown of what difference the change will make to your email protection.

Screenshot of email indicating a detected DNS change
Example of an email notification when a DNS change is detected.

Hosted MTA-STS

MTA-STS is an email security standard that mitigates DNS based attacks where attackers could read or manipulate email addressed to your domain.

Deploying MTA-STS can be challenging for organisations due to its strict implementation requirements. To overcome this, Mailhardener offers hosted MTA-STS services that allows any domain to adopt MTA-STS in less than 5 minutes, with zero maintenance.

Screenshot of instant policy change feature of hosted MTA-STS
Hosted MTA-STS allows for instant policy changes.

Report breakdown

There is more than one way to prevent unauthorised email, and many different reasons why a receiving system might decide to accept or reject your email.

The report analysis tool gives you a breakdown in easy to understand English of how the receivers processed the email and why it did or did not accept the email.

Screenshot of a report breakdown
The DMARC report breakdown explains the report details in plain English.

Domain inspector

Most of the email fraud prevention is set up in your domain settings, so naturally this is an important part to get right.

There are many different settings though, and even more subtle ways in which configuration mistakes can be made.

The Mailhardener domain inspector will show you exactly how your domain is setup, with easy to read English breakdown.

It also detects common made mistakes, so you don't accidentally make them.

Screenshot of the mailhardener domain inspector
A breakdown of a DMARC record, explaining each setting in plain English.