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Introducing hosted MTA-STS

Mailhardener now has full support for MTA-STS and TLS-reporting (TLS-RPT).

We are also proud to introduce hosted MTA-STS as part of the Mailhardener suite.

How to enter TXT values in Google Cloud DNS

Google's popular Cloud DNS service is mostly excellent, but the interface is rather confusing when it comes to adding `TXT` type records.

In this blog post, we'll explore how to work with TXT records in Google Cloud DNS, and how to fix the 'invalid record data' error.

5 common mistakes with SPF

At Mailhardener, we analyse many domains for email security on a daily basis. This puts us in a unique position to list the most common made mistakes.

In this blog post, we'll discus the 5 most common made mistakes in SPF.