A complete email hardening solution for your customers

The Mailhardener for MSP program is the all-in-one email hardening solution for MSPs. It provides best in industry monitoring of technical components like DMARC, DKIM and SPF, combined with powerful reporting capabilities and cloud native features such as MTA-STS policy hosting, and BIMI asset hosting.

  • Provide easy readable, in-depth and actionable reports to your customers.
  • Simplify technical subjects that typically requires many hours of research and years of technical experience.
  • Improve your customer's email security and deliverability in just minutes.

Become the email hero for your customers!

Implement Mailhardener on the customer domains and stay on top of:

  • DMARC compliance
  • DKIM key management
  • SPF management
  • MTA-STS policy hosting
  • BIMI asset hosting
  • Whitelabel reports
  • Event/audit logging
Picture of hero drawing sword from a stone
Become the email hero for your customers.
  • Are you struggling with business customers that complain about their emails like newsletters going to spam?
  • Are your customers asking about whether they are ready for the new email authentication requirements mandated by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft?
  • Is your business having issues with interpreting all these DMARC reports?
  • Can’t find the time to keep up to date with the latest technologies and RFC requirements?

We read all the RFCs, join task forces and follow the email market, so you don’t have to. Our technical team just loves to be on top of the details, that’s what we’re good at, so you can confidently service your customers.

The email guru
We know a thing or two about email.

What you get with Mailhardener for MSP’s

Mailhardener for MSP’s is an extra service layer that provides you with the MSP dashboard, from where individual and fully isolated Mailhardener environments can be created and managed. Each of your customers receives their own, isolated Mailhardener environment that you can manage and even optionally share with them. Provide access for your customers to view their own environment, or manage it for them.

Each customer environment comes with unlimited email volume, unlimited domains (but optionally restrictable) and unlimited users.

Screenshot of the Mailhardener domain overview page
Provide fully featured email hardening environments.

Evaluate for free

Request an MSP evaluation account and let the product speak for itself.

Mailhardener does not require installation of software, and you retain your current email hosting services. Mailhardener is like a plugin for a domain.

You can start using Mailhardener immediately, it takes only a few minutes to set up.

Feature comparison

Regular Mailhardener Mailhardener for MSP
Environment Single, shared Unlimited, isolated
Domains 10 (standard)
100 (large)
Email volume Unlimited Unlimited
User accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Pricing Fixed Volume based (per domain)
SSO (OpenID connect)
- Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)
- Google Accounts (Workspace)
Customer management module
API access
Branded reports (whitelabel)
Billing breakdown (CSV)


The Mailhardener for MSP program features volume based pricing, where you only pay for the number of domains, not email volume.

Currency MSP package Domain volume
€149 / month
(or €1499 annual)
€1 / month
$164 / month
(or $1649 annual)
$1.10 / month

No onboarding fees, unlimited email volume, unlimited users, unlimited domains.