Microsoft has begun sending SMTP TLS reports

Good news on the adoption of SMTP TLS reporting: since the 25th of August 2020, we are seeing SMTP TLS reports being sent by Microsoft!

After Google, Comcast, and SocketLabs, Microsoft is now the fourth major email service that is sending RFC8460 SMTP TLS reports.

The support for SMTP TLS reporting from Microsoft did come as a bit of a surprise to us, as Microsoft is the only major email provider that is not yet sending DMARC reports. Nonetheless, would we like to thank Microsoft for embracing this standard, and massive congratulations to the developers at Microsoft who made this possible!

screenshot showing a Microsoft SMTP TLS report in the Mailhardener dashboard
One of the first SMTP TLS reports from Microsoft shown in the Mailhardener dashboard

We are excited to see the adoption of SMTP TLS reporting growing steadily, as TLS related email issues are hard to monitor. SMTP TLS reporting also paves the way for broad adoption of MTA-STS.

SMTP TLS reporting is a reporting standard for email, which informs you about any TLS related issues that a sender might experience when trying to deliver email to your domain. This includes SMTP-over-TLS (STARTTLS), MTA-STS, DNSSEC and DANE.
Mailhardener aggregates SMTP TLS reports and informs you when TLS related delivery issues are reported.
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