Announcement: Mailhardener spin-off

Dear Mailhardener customers,

For the past 5 years Mailhardener has been a product owned and operated by our parent company Parsey B.V.

Over the years Mailhardener has grown from a scrappy startup to a mature product, now serving tens of thousands of customers. Hence, the time has come for Mailhardener to leave the nest, and spin-off as its own, separate legal entity: Mailhardener B.V.

Via this publication we want to inform our customers that as of April 1st, 2024 the legal entity for Mailhardener is now Mailhardener B.V.

New legal entity:

Old legal entity:

The bank remains unchanged: Rabobank UA, The Netherlands (BIC: RABONL2U).

Our office address remains unchanged: Saturnusstraat 60, office unit 18, 2516AH, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Parsey B.V. will continue to exist as owner of Mailhardener B.V.

What does this mean for Mailhardener customers?

The Mailhardener product, team, mission and pricing all stay the same.

Only the legal name, trade register number, VAT number (equivalent to GST-id or TIN) and bank account number have changed. Existing customers can expect future invoices for Mailhardener to be sent on behalf of the new organization.

Over the weeks following April 1st 2024 we will be migrating customers to the new entity.

Existing enterprise contracts will remain valid. Enterprise customers will be migrated to Mailhardener B.V. upon contract renewal.

If you pay by card or other recurring payment method

For customers using automatic recurring payments (like credit card, PayPal or SEPA direct-debit) no action is required.

Expect to see the new organization name, VAT number and trade registration number on future invoices.

If you pay by invoice (bank transfer)

Customers paying by invoice will need to update their vendor information to reflect the new legal entity: Mailhardener B.V.

All future payments are to be made to our new international bank account number (IBAN) NL88RABO0382326202 on behalf of Mailhardener B.V..

Customers paying by invoice will receive an announcement per email. A notification will also be placed on future invoices informing our customers of the new legal entity and bank account number.

Payments that are inadvertently made to the old IBAN will still be accepted and processed internally by Mailhardener.

Fraud considerations

We understand that invoice fraud is a major concern for any organization, and a vendor changing its bank account number is a major red flag.

This is why we published this document on our website. Ensure that this document is legitimate by verifying the URL is and that the URL starts with 'https'.

When in doubt: do not hesitate to contact Mailhardener ( to verify this information.

Further questions

If you have any questions regarding the change of legal entity, or if you want to perform additional verification of the new entity for Mailhardener as your vendor, please contact


The Mailhardener team