Privacy statement

Following the European GDPR guidelines, Mailhardener's customers have the right to be forgotten (we'll delete all your data if you request so), and the right to data portability (we'll send you an archive of all your data if you request so). Under Dutch law, Mailhardener is obligated to store its financial transaction data for at least 5 years, this may contain your contact information, even after you closed your account.

Mailhardener uses Stripe, Inc. as their payment service provider. If you set up a paid account your payment account details (card number, name) will be stored at Stripe.

Mailhardener uses exception tracking software supplied by Sentry, Inc. to track errors on the Mailhardener dashboard application. In case an error is encountered while you use the dashboard application, your browser User Agent, IP address and the error message are send to and stored at Sentry.

Mailhardener uses on premise tracking software to perform basic analytics on our website which includes visitor counts, time-on-page and page loads. If you have your browser's Do Not Track (DNT) feature enabled, we will not track your visit.

Mailhardener does not share your data with third parties other than those mentioned above. This statement may be subject to change.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at