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BIMI validator

With this tool you can inspect and validate a Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) DNS record, and the Verified Mark certificate (if supplied). We'll test the record and certificate against all requirements from the current BIMI draft BIMI-02

NOTICE: the BIMI standard is still in DRAFT stage and is subject to change. This tool validates against draft BIMI-02.

BIMI must be used in combination with DMARC, we also have an DMARC validator.

To test your domain, enter the BIMI DNS record location for your domain, and press 'inspect'.

A BIMI record is located at [selector]._bimi.[your-domain].

Mailhardener BIMI asset hosting

Mailhardener offers BIMI asset hosting, which will allow you to deploy BIMI with full specification compliance. It's completely maintenance free. Mailhardener BIMI asset hosting comes included in the Mailhardener suite.

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